Key Terminology…

I find myself torn on how to proceed in developing the final project… do I continue with the idea of designing a qualitative survey to assess community needs, or do I shift the focus of the final project to be reflective of the research I’ll be beginning next semester at Bring Back the Music if I can secure funding for the Visual Voices project?  I hate to abandon the path Ive been laying the groundwork for all semester… and the needs assessment would certainly help to inform the basis for the project at BBTM.  Regardless which direction I choose, my narrative will address:

  • Disparity in public school funding
  • Unequal access to the arts for children
  • Educational neglect
  • Low-income school districts
  • Disproportionately poor outcomes for children of color

There are probably dozens more, but these are the areas that currently come to an exhausted mind… these will be defined both quantitatively from scholarly literature and state educational sources, and qualitatively from interviews with schools that have flourishing arts programs in comparison with those who have diminished or non-existent programs.


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